Holofone Projector Phablet

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Slick, thin, and light to the touch, the intricate design of the Holofone is certainly easy on the eye. But there’s plenty of substance to go with all that style.
Efficiency is at the forefront of its thinking. Thanks to its low-power processes, powered by Intel’s quad-core technology, the Holofone will never hold back when it really matters, and refuses to compromise on user experience.

7 Inch

20/20 clarity allows you to create memories to last a lifetime

The 7” display unit is perfect for higher visibility. Fully immerse yourself in your favorite movies at stunning high definition. Take bold, vibrant photos and videos with the 13 megapixel camera.
Enjoy a limitless browsing experience with crystal clear rendering, faultless load times, and a vivid display that will live long in the memory.

35 Lumen HD Projector

Share your experiences by projecting.

Experience easier collaboration by projecting your phablets display. Draw attention to key concepts at business meetings so that your team never misses a beat. Present your ideas with a clearer understanding.
Enjoy enhanced visual stimulation in home entertainment. Transform your phablet into your very own home theater, or project gaming.
Our exclusive projection technology is giving app and game developers a new area of focus. Find out why for yourself.


connectivity has a serious need for speed

The next stage of mobile network evolution allows for much faster data consumption than ever before.Start making long-lasting, better connections with 4G network connectivity.

Internal Storage 128 GB

Safer storage means your data is in good hands

With the Holofone, you’ll never have to play it safe. The full extent of its 128 GB memory becomes clear when you dive into your favorite multimedia.
No matter how many photos, movies, and applications you use, you’ll never have to worry about running out of memory.

Operating System Android and Windows 10 OS

Dual Power

Compatible with both Android and Windows 10 OS, enjoy an unparalleled customization experience any way you want it. 

Spec Sheet

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Intel Quad Core

Operating System
Projector Screen
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Front Camera
Rear Camera
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