The Holofone Phablet Packs Everything, Including A Projector

Despite the goofy moniker of “Holofone phablet,” this latest entry into the world of Smartphones may be what resonates the most with tech-savvy users.

Developed by Akyumen, the Holofone easily achieves “Phablet” status with its 7-inch screen. Specs like a 13MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing camera, and 128GB of on-board storage would be more than enough to sell it to the tech guru looking for this year’s next big toy. However, the features don’t stop there. Two distinct aspects of the Holofone set it noticeably apart from its iOS and Android counterparts and may be enough to make Akyumen a strong force in a field driven by Apple, Samsung, and LG.

First of all, users have the option of an Android operating system OR a fully-functional Windows 10 OS. This is not the forked version of Windows that Microsoft’s line of Windows phones currently enjoys, but rather a PC version of the operating system. For obvious reasons, Apple’s OS is not included as an option.

What’s more, the Holofone lives up to its name by sporting a built-in 45-lumen projector that is supposedly capable of projecting onto a 100-inch screen! The power of true casting can now be achieved without Google Cast, Apple TV, or similar technologies that would be absent without the additional hardware.

Since it was announced, interest in the Holofone has exploded. According to an article in The Verge, pre-sales of the device for its September 1 launch date have already been filled. This is rather impressive, given that the Holofone retails for anywhere from $750-900.

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