Falcon Convertible Projector Tablet

Introducing the world’s thinnest convertible projector tablet

The Falcon Convertible Projector tablet is the first of its kind to be compatible with both Windows 10 and Android OS systems.
Our unique heat transfer and dissipation technology supports higher speeds than ever before, ensuring a longer life expectancy and reliability when you need it most.

10 Inch

Cutting edge display units you can rely on

The Falcon delivers the most outstanding, crystal clear image quality

45 Lumen HD Projector

Share your experiences with extended screen projection.

Share your work and media on screens up to 100 inches in size for increased visibility.
Life is about sharing memories with the ones you love most, and that has never been easier thanks to our illuminated screen projection of up to 45 lumens.
Experience easier collaboration with an enlarged tablet display. Draw attention to key concepts at business meetings so that your team never misses a step. Present your ideas with a clearer understanding.
Enjoy enhanced visual stimulation in home entertainment. Transform your tablet into your very own home theater, or projection for mobile gaming.
 Our exclusive screen projection technology is giving app and game developers a new area of focus. Find out why for yourself.

Stunning Camera

Capture the moment and make it last a lifetime

Our 13 megapixel camera ensures only the highest quality images ever escape the shutter.

Internal Storage

Store as much media as you can feast your eyes on with a 128 GB storage capacity

Your life should be enjoyed the way you want to see it – with no limitations. Our storage capabilities rival even the most advanced tablet models, meaning as much audio, video, or photos as you like.
Enjoy a seamless transition between all of your favorite apps with access to 4 GB of RAM for faster rendering and a clearer display.

Spec Sheet

Detailed Specification


Intel Quad Core Processor

Operating System
Projection Screen
Projector Resolution
Front Camera
Back Camera
Screen Size