Akyumen Will Provide You with A Competitive Edge

Being an Akyumen distributor is a very rewarding experience. If you qualify, you will be part of a truly international company.

Akyumen’s global manufacturing and research and development footprint extends across six countries on three continents, and our products and services will be sold around the globe.

Our current ever expanding partnerships will give us access to over 80 countries. Our people are passionate about delivering the very best mobile products available anywhere.

Every year, our trendsetting innovations and groundbreaking technologies will set the benchmark for the Mobile Industry. We have earned many prestigious awards and coveted accolades from the consumer and trade media.

Our large and continually growing customer base is going to be the best measure of our worldwide success. Our distributors will play a prominent role in building this all-important relationship.

As an Akyumen distributor, you will benefit from the many outstanding value advantages we offer, including:

An Internationally recognized brand with well-established, best-in-class product lines.

Innovative products, plus a devoted and knowledgeable Akyumen team member to help you build a stronger business.

State of the art opportunities for increasing profitability, such as:
1) Business management and staff education
2) Exceptional technical support and training
3) State of the art Internet systems and assistance
4) Aggressive Akyumen marketing programs
A) Comprehensive national and co-op multi-media campaigns
B) Point of purchase materials
C) Signage programs
D) Google Marketing

Distributor Requirements

· Minimum purchase volume: 10,000 devices
· More than 18 months of international experience dealing in mobile phones on a wholesale level.
· Being able to supply us with 2 trading references from companies within the Global Wholesale of mobile phones.

Application Process

Fill out registration form

· Make sure it is as detailed as possible. The information submitted will become your company profile.

· Provide a proof of company registration.

· E-mail distributor@akyumen.com one or more of the following:

A copy of registration documents, a copy of VAT registration, proof of address.
Provide trading references – they are essential for successful registration.

· A Akyumen team member will call you to validate your application.

• A member of the Akyumen team will contact your trade references for verification.

• If your application is successful, we will activate your account and send you the login details via email.

• A Akyumen sales associate will contact you to schedule a welcome call upon your distributorship approval.