On August 1, 2016 the Daily Graphic reported President Mahama was at the eight congregation of the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) in Accra, and charged graduates of tertiary institutions to think “outside the box” by exploring the many job creation and business opportunities in the country. He said in order to become innovative and productive, graduates should make effective use of the knowledge and skills they have acquired to become independent citizens. Moreover, he added that by becoming independent and productive through innovative thinking, the youth, especially graduates, would become less dependent on government for jobs.

Recently, I read about the projector-phone, a cell phone with a built-in projector called the Hawk which can be used to make calls, watch movies, television shows and do business presentations using the projector and the flash.

What fascinated me about this device was what the inventor, Aasim Saied, the Chief Executive Officer of Akyumen Technologies Corporation in the United States said in an interview. When asked about what inspired him to produce the device, he stated: “I came up with the idea when I was still in college (in 2004) in the United States. My college professor was tinkering with a big projector in the classroom. So I was thinking; how about putting a projector in a smartphone so you will be able to make presentations anywhere you are?”

In 2008, he realized his dream by making a projector-phone. Here is the conclusion to that interview mentioned above: “We decided that we can form a company based on this, and then we can literally go to the market with it.”

Indeed, there are reported stories of young people around the world who began businesses during their university days or right after school. These were brave young people who through innovative thinking developed ideas and followed them through to the end.

Microsoft and Dell computers are hugely successful billion-dollar businesses that have become household names. Microsoft, built by the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, and Dell Computers by Michael Dell. Dell and Gates both began these corporations from their youth as either graduates or as drop outs.

Graduating students from our institutions of higher learning each year outnumber the number of new jobs created. Moreover, the high rate of graduate unemployment keeps rising as statistics on graduate unemployment by the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER) of the University of Ghana states that graduate unemployment will hit 271,000 this year. Currently, there are about 1.6 million students in the country’s tertiary institutions with employment opportunities for only 70,000 yearly. The World Bank has stated that Ghana’s economy needs about 300,000 new jobs yearly between now and 2020 if the country is to avoid increasing unemployment, as it is estimated that 48 percent of the youth between 15 and 24 years do not have jobs.

As a fact, there are only few avenues for government jobs. The only option left for graduates is for them to be innovative and entrepreneurial as well as creative in coming up with business ideas that can produce jobs. However, right here in Ghana, it is worrying to note that our educational system does not prepare students to a large extent to be entrepreneurs but to seek jobs and employment after school. Unsurprisingly, majority of our University and Polytechnic graduates seek for non-existent jobs after school.

This state of affairs must be a wake up call for our leaders and policymakers to sit up and re-evaluate our educational system. Our educational system has to be restructured from its current state where students study for grades to pass exams to focus more on practical training. This will give graduates the strategic skills they need to create their own jobs and employment. The restructured system will make students creative and imaginative in their thinking to develop business ideas. When this is done, students will begin to think outside the box on opportunities that will put money into their pockets and the pockets of others. This new system must encourage graduates to read wide outside the study outlines given in class, so they can generate ideas and become more creative. Policymakers must increase vocational and technical training which will produce graduates and youths with requisite skills to create and manage their own businesses and employ others.

Right from the primary to the senior high schools, our students must be exposed to the idea of entrepreneurship. Their individual talents and gifts must be tapped, nurtured and developed. They must be taught basic skills for running successful businesses and must be encouraged to set up small businesses and run them right in school. This preparation must also involve learning about successful entrepreneurs so as to inspire and motivate them.

One cardinal example is Paul, the Class 5 pupil I happen to know. Paul is a gifted artist and quite good at drawing human and cartoon figures. I regularly encourage him to draw and sell his art works to classmates and schoolmates to make some money for himself. Paul now draws for people and makes money for himself. With this ongoing lesson at entrepreneurship, he may soon grow to be an entrepreneur creating jobs.

When policymakers heed the call to restructure our educational system, that will be the dawning of a new day for our school system. Our graduates will leave school and be practically equipped and empowered to be at the frontline in invention and development of creative business ideas for job creation and employment.

As we wait for this restructuring of our educational system, our graduates must learn and be inspired by those who have created flourishing businesses. There are many young people in this country who are doing exceptionally great things with their lives who started in business and entrepreneurship in spite of challenges and limitations. Waiting for the government to give you a job might make you wait forever as it appears the government and the politicians to an extent have no solutions. Perhaps the solution now lies in your own hands. Young people must take responsibility for their lives and create a future for themselves and others.

Our graduates must become innovative and develop business ideas and translate them into products or services that will create value for society. It is only wise for people to create opportunities for themselves if they cannot find any.

The reality on the ground demands that Ghanaian graduates arise and defy the odds stacked against them, and make use of the knowledge and skills they have acquired. Aasim Saied and others have shown the way, and the rest should follow their example. Would the average Ghanaian graduate be bold enough to respond to this clarion call and rise up to his or her fullest potential and become a similar or better success story?



Τα τελευταία χρόνια, οι κατασκευαστές smartphones προσπαθούν να “χωρέσουν” όλο και περισσότερη λειτουργικότητα στις συσκευές τους, ελπίζοντας ότι έτσι θα δελεάσουν μεγαλύτερο μέρος του αγοραστικού κοινού.

Έτσι, πολλές ναυαρχίδες, αλλά ακόμα και ορισμένα οικονομικότερα μοντέλα, εξοπλίζονται σήμερα με διπλές οθόνες, εξελιγμένες κάμερες και ταχύτερα SoC, ενώ φυσικά έχουμε δει και αρκετές modular υλοποιήσεις, που προορίζονται για χρήστες οι οποίοι επιθυμούν μεγαλύτερη ελευθερία στις επιλογές τους.

H κινέζικη Akyumen όμως, με μια συσκευή που ονομάζεται Holofone, περνάει τα πράγματα σε… εντελώς άλλο επίπεδο, ενώ απευθύνεται σε κοινό που αναζητά ένα πραγματικό υπολογιστή τσέπης και όχι απλά ένα “ψαγμένο” έξυπνο τηλέφωνο. Η συσκευή βασίζεται στο SoC Atom x5 Z8300 της Intel, διαθέτει 4GB μνήμης RAM, οθόνη 7 ιντσών με ανάλυση 1080p, κύρια κάμερα με αισθητήρα των 13ΜΡ και μπαταρία χωρητικότητας 2.910 mAh. Σίγουρα ο εξοπλισμός της συσκευής είναι αξιόλογος, όμως κανείς δεν θα έλεγε ότι εντυπωσιάζει. Όμως, περιμένετε, δεν τελειώσαμε.

Αυτό που κάνει το Holofone ξεχωριστό, είναι ότι ενσωματώνει έναν projector των 35 lumen, ενώ τρέχει δύο λειτουργικά συστήματα – Android Lollipop και Windows 10. Προσέξτε, όχι Windows 10 Mobile, αλλά την πλήρη desktop έκδοση του λειτουργικού! Βέβαια, οφείλουμε να ομολογήσουμε ότι αμφιβάλουμε για το πόσο καλά θα αποδίδει μια μικρή σχετικά μπαταρία σε ένα τέτοιο υβρίδιο φορητού υπολογιστή και smartphone, ειδικά εάν λειτουργεί ο projector. Σε κάθε περίπτωση πάντως η συσκευή εντυπωσιάζει.

Αν σας ενδιαφέρει να την αποκτήσετε, θα πρέπει να αποχωριστείτε ένα σεβαστό πόσο, αφού είναι διαθέσιμη από $600. Μπορείτε να διαβάσετε περισσότερα για το “τέρας” της Akyumen στην επίσημη ιστοσελίδα της εταιρείας.

We usually have a heads up well before a major manufacturer drops a new device. For new or smaller companies, that isn’t always the case which is why the Akyumen Holophone phablet has flown under our radars.

We don’t know much about the company behind the Akyumen Holophone, but we’ll get one thing out of the way quickly – it doesn’t have anything to do with holograms. Despite its name, it’s a massive 7-inch smartphone with an FHD display. While the pixels will be stretched, you can ease any eye strain thanks to a built-in Pico projector that can throw up a 100-inch image on the wall.

akyumen holophone phablet

Beneath that very large piece of glass sits a quad-core Intel Cherry Trail 8300, which is backed by 4GB of RAM. The horsepower is ample and the same can be said of the storage. The Akyumen Holophone will come with 128GB of storage out of the box, which is further expandable through a microSD card slot.

The rest of the specs include a 13MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing camera, 4G LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The battery is less than spectacular at 2,910mAh battery although you will have two options of OS with Android 6.0 and a full version of Windows 10. That was not a typo…

You will want to treat the Akyumen Holophone like any other handset from an unknown company – take it with a dose of salt. The company has four versions of the Akyumen Holophone Phablet listed on their website with the Education model listed at $600 and the “Advanced” model at $950. The handsets are set to roll out on November 5th and you can put one or pre-order at the link below if you’re interested in the device.

Akyumen Holophone

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Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes but few are as versatile as the Holofone Phablet from Akyumen.

The curious Holofone Phablet features a massive 7-inch, 1080p (1,920 x 1,080) display that’s powered by Intel’s z8300 quad-core (Cherry Trail) processor alongside 4GB of RAM and 128GB of local storage that is expandable. It includes a 13-megapixel rear-mounted camera, a 5-megapixel front-facing shooter, 4G LTE compatibility, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and so on.

Akyumen’s website claims the device carries a 2,910mAh battery although the video above from Techmagnet notes a 3,500mAh unit.

What makes the Holofone Phablet such a compelling device, however, is a pair of unique features. The first is a built-in 35 lumen projector that throws up to a 100-inch, 720p HD image. I wouldn’t expect it to replace your home theater but in a pinch or while out with friends, it may be suitable for watching videos.

Even more interesting is the fact that the Holofone Phablet comes pre-loaded with both Android 5.x Lollipop and a full version of Windows 10.

Akyuman’s website isn’t all that informative although according to CNET, the Holofone features a USB Type-C connector as well as a mini HDMI port.

Its name, Holofone Phablet, suggests it is a large smartphone but I don’t think that’s the case. Based on my research (again, Akyumen’s website isn’t very helpful), the device simply appears to be a small tablet with provisions for a data connection (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong in the comments section below. If that’s the case, it’s far less appealing than it initially appears.

The first batch of Holofone Phablets launches on September 1 although those have already been spoken for via pre-order. If you’re willing to wait until November 5, you can go ahead and pre-order yours today. Pricing starts at $600 for the Education package and scales up to $950 for the Advanced bundle.

The Holofone Phablet Packs Everything, Including A Projector

Despite the goofy moniker of “Holofone phablet,” this latest entry into the world of Smartphones may be what resonates the most with tech-savvy users.

Developed by Akyumen, the Holofone easily achieves “Phablet” status with its 7-inch screen. Specs like a 13MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing camera, and 128GB of on-board storage would be more than enough to sell it to the tech guru looking for this year’s next big toy. However, the features don’t stop there. Two distinct aspects of the Holofone set it noticeably apart from its iOS and Android counterparts and may be enough to make Akyumen a strong force in a field driven by Apple, Samsung, and LG.

First of all, users have the option of an Android operating system OR a fully-functional Windows 10 OS. This is not the forked version of Windows that Microsoft’s line of Windows phones currently enjoys, but rather a PC version of the operating system. For obvious reasons, Apple’s OS is not included as an option.

What’s more, the Holofone lives up to its name by sporting a built-in 45-lumen projector that is supposedly capable of projecting onto a 100-inch screen! The power of true casting can now be achieved without Google Cast, Apple TV, or similar technologies that would be absent without the additional hardware.

Since it was announced, interest in the Holofone has exploded. According to an article in The Verge, pre-sales of the device for its September 1 launch date have already been filled. This is rather impressive, given that the Holofone retails for anywhere from $750-900.


Smartphone season is rapidly upon us, with the new versions of Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Apple’s iPhone rumored to be just around the corner. Unfortunately for those two companies, Akyumen (Pronounced like “acumen,” probably) has just announced that its Holofone Phablet, which I assume is going to be the only phone anyone will ever need to buy ever again, will be available September 1st.

Measuring in with a whopping 7-inch display, the Holofone literally dwarfs the any of its smartphone competitors (it’s still considered a phone) and then completely destroys any screen size comparisons by also having a 45-lumen projector that Akyumen claims can project up to a 100-inch screen.

Runs full Windows 10 for PCs

Software-wise, users won’t have to make compromises either, with a choice between the year-old Android Marshmallow and Windows 10. Not Windows 10 Mobile or Continuum, but full Windows 10 for PCs. Is the Holofone is a Windows 10 PC in a tablet form factor that can also run Android? An Android phablet with a useful Windows PC feature? In this brave new world, anything is possible.


The Holofone phablet is available for preorder from Akyumen’s website, starting at $750 for the basic bundle, or up to $950 for a set that includes a host of accessories including a Bluetooth speaker, game controller, and battery stand.

At the time of publication, all preorders for the September 1st date have been filled. Hopefully, though, they’ll reopen soon, so that I can throw out all my other electronic devices and replace them with a Holofone.

Akyumen Falcon

Akyumen Falcon

Mountain View, CA–(Marketwired – January 12, 2016) – Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen™) showcased the first Windows 10 Version of the Akyumen Falcon Convertible Projector Tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV last week. Akyumen provided select CES attendees with a sneak peek of the future Akyumen Hawk Projector Smartphone at the show. Akyumen has completed a successful test launch of its devices in 2015 and has successfully signed contracts globally with key carriers and distributors to launch their devices in the 2nd Quarter of 2016.

Akyumen’s device roadmap for 2016 includes:

Akyumen Falcon EDU – Education Version: The world’s thinnest Projector Convertible Tablet with powerful specifications and it is the World’s first Convertible Projector Tablet with Windows 10 OS built with recommendations from Microsoft. The Akyumen Falcon EDU is powered by an Intel Quad Core Processor, 4 GB RAM, 200 GB of onboard storage with a embedded 40+ lumen projector featuring Akyumen’s heat transfer and dissipation technology.

Akyumen Falcon M – Mobile Entertainment Version: The world’s thinnest Convertible Projector Tablet with powerful specifications and it is the World’s first Convertible Projector Tablet that can switch between Windows 10 OS and Android OS platforms simultaneously. The Akyumen Falcon M is powered by an Intel Quad Core Processor, 4 GB RAM, 300 GB of onboard storage with a embedded 45+ lumen projector featuring Akyumen’s heat transfer and dissipation technology.

Akyumen Hawk Prime – The world’s thinnest Projector Phone with powerful specifications and runs on Android OS featuring key applications including Saber Chat (Secure Highly Encrypted Chat Application), Wowio (E-Book Application), UltraFlix (4K Movie Content Application). The Akyumen Hawk Prime is powered by an OCTA Core Processor (8 Cores), 4 GB RAM, 300 GB of onboard storage with a embedded 45+ lumen 2K screen resolution projector featuring Akyumen’s heat transfer and dissipation technology.

Akyumen Hawk Dimension – The world’s thinnest Projector Phone with powerful specifications and runs on Android OS featuring key applications including Saber Chat (Secure Highly Encrypted Chat Application), Wowio (E-Book Application), UltraFlix (4K Movie Content Application). The Akyumen Hawk Dimension is powered by a DECA Core Processor (10 Cores), 8 GB RAM, 300 GB of onboard storage with a embedded 45+ Lumen 4K Screen resolution projector featuring Akyumen’s heat transfer and dissipation technology.

Aasim Saied, Chairman & CEO of Akyumen, as well as inventor of the Projector Phone and Convertible Projector Tablet stated at CES 2016 “The Projector mobile device has come a long way since the original conception in 2004 after acquiring the domain name (www.projectorphone.com).”

Mr. Saied’s creation of the Logic Bolt Projector Phone made its debut at CES 2009 and was showcased on CNN garnering international media attention. At that time the projector technologies had many hurdles to overcome while would-be competitors prematurely launched inferior and incomplete imitations of Mr. Saied’s creations. The aforementioned companies couldn’t replicate the quality of Akyumen’s ingenuity and technological advancements in projector phone and Convertible Projector Tablet technologies. Mr. Saied has made enormous strides in perfecting the Akyumen Hawk Projector Phone™ and the Akyumen Falcon Convertible Projector Tablet. Mr. Saied’s in-depth knowledge of the electronics industry and keen sensitivity to what consumers want and need continues to give him the lead in eliminating the shortcomings of today’s smart mobile devices.

Akyumen will also be showcasing its Akyumen Falcon EDU devices at Microsoft Global Education Partner Summit in Redmond, WA in February 2016 featuring their educational platform and content.

Akyumen will be launching SaberChat in March 2016, which is a secure chat system with unique features to protect the end user’s privacy.

“The Akyumen Hawk Projector Phone and Akyumen Falcon Convertible Projector Tablet will be game changers for mobile entertainment, business presentations, educating students and training teachers, medical, and military applications. Akyumen provides an accessories suite included with every device to deliver a full experience to consumers for variety of uses,” said Aasim Saied (Founder, Chairman & CEO of Akyumen) at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.

Mr. Saied explains: “Akyumen is a firm believer in promoting education and will subsidize the price of its devices for educational use to help solve the lack of common educational hurdles of funding and access to affordable quality technology.”

The Akyumen Hawk Projector Smartphones and The Akyumen Falcon Convertible Projector Tablets are portable, lightweight, and easy to use making them ideal for today’s mobile users who can now have any size screenplay anywhere. “Consumers can move away from watching traditional fixed TV with the introduction of a more versatile alternative. Our devices will change the way we entertain, do business, and educate,” says Aasim Saied.

Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen)

Akyumen Technologies Corp is a privately held US company and operates globally. Akyumen designs, develops, manufactures and delivers innovative electronic and mobile technology products to consumers worldwide. The company values the social responsibility of providing open access to tools and information to enhance the human experience globally. Akyumen is positioned to launch its devices in niche markets globally in 2016.

Image Available: http://www.marketwire.com/library/MwGo/2016/1/12/11G078464/Images/072A9644-e1b3d3a8c6658504805b6d090f38ca4c.jpg
Image Available: http://www.marketwire.com/library/MwGo/2016/1/12/11G078464/Images/10952469_724178704365307_7388104601915166382_n-a941ed3d93729d3299e28286fd6f5dd6.jpg

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Enterprise 21 July 2016

Madrid, San Francisco, July 21st 2016Telefonica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market, has signed a global multi-year agreement with Akyumen Technologies Corp, based in Los Gatos, CA, that builds communication devices with a content platform that brings futuristic IoT and m2m solutions to consumers and businesses worldwide.

Telefonica is providing Akyumen with its renowned IoT services and solutions, including Telefonica’s Global SIM service, a single platform for the provisioning and management of all global SIMs. Smart m2m connectivity services provided by the Telefonica Global SIM, guarantees that roaming works seamlessly with IoT sensors and devices, regardless of the location, around the globe and secures the data channel allowing for safe encrypted connections.

Akyumen’s global business plan is based on a single management platform, performing all the centralized provisioning, along with SIM lifecycle management functions. Combined with flexible, granular rate plans and local market knowledge, Telefonica perfectly suited all these requests. Furthermore, the digital telco, which counts with global and local leadership in the IoT, will offer a Global Service Management solution using a single point of contact. Additionally, Telefonica will support the communications model that best fit the services needs within different networks around the world.

“I have seen first-hand the innovative and useful technology that Akyumen brings to market starting with the futuristic phones (with a built-in projector) and tablets. This is the kind of innovation that Telefonica is focused on providing its customers worldwide. Akyumen’s products will utilize Telefonica’s IoT services including Global SIM service” said Daniel Jimenez, American Corporates & Multinationals Director of Telefonica Business Solutions.

“Telefonica is the most diverse and innovative international telecom carrier which provides Akyumen access to its customers worldwide to use Akyumen’s futuristic mobile devices with built-in projector technology combined with its application platform that enable the next digital frontier” said Aasim Saied, CEO of Akyumen.

A leading provider of futuristic mobile and communications devices, Akyumen unveiled its Falcon Projector Tablet and Holofone Projector Phablet that run on Windows 10 Operating System and Akyumen Hawk Projector Phone that runs on Android earlier this year at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, CeBIT 2016 in Hannover, MWC 2016 in Barcelona and Shanghai, which is an ideal IoT gateway. The application of the Akyumen devices is not only for entertainment and business users, but also will extend to the future healthcare and environmental platforms using m2m technologies on a worldwide basis. The Akyumen devices can also be used in a broader platform for collaboration, education, and futuristic gaming using sensors.

“Telefonica Business Solutions will help bring the future of m2m technologies in environmental, health, medical, and entertainment to customers worldwide” said Mike Ghodoosian, Akyumen SVP of Carrier Relations.

For full details and contact information, please download press release as a PDF.

Akyumen Technologies Corp Has Been Successful in Gaining Erasmus+ Funding

Src: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/inspiring-akyumen-falcon-education-tablet-043000678.html

MADRID, SPAIN–(Marketwired – January 13, 2016) – Akyumen Falcon Education Tablet

The project has been a culmination of a collaborative effort between Akyumen Technologies and the EU to provide advanced mobile tablet technology to students and educators. The project will allow students and educators in Spain to gain vital access to advanced mobility technology with Akyumen Falcon Tablets. The result of the project will see students and educators return with more success in the use of tools and content for education.

Erasmus+ is the European Union’s (EU) programme for education, training, youth and sport, with the EU committing £12 billion to the programme between 2014 and 2020. In the UK, the programme is managed by the Erasmus+ UK National Agency, a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK.

The project is funded under Key Action 1 (KA1) of the programme with EUR4 million allocated in 2016 for the acquisition of Akyumen Falcon tablets for Spain and specifically for Mobility of individuals in the field of education, training and youth.

Akyumen Technologies CEO Aasim Saied said: “We are delighted to have been successful in Erasmus+ and are looking ahead to starting the project. Over 10,000 students, educators and other young people will benefit from the project and the opportunities it will provide to modernise education.”

About Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen)
Akyumen is a privately held US company and operates globally. Akyumen designs, develops, manufactures and delivers innovative electronic and mobile technology products to consumers worldwide. The company values the social responsibility of providing open access to tools and information to enhance the human experience globally.

Further information from www.akyumen.com

About Erasmus+
Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport for 2014-2020. It significantly increases EU funding (+40%) with an overall budget of EUR14.7 billion (£12 billion) for the development of knowledge and skills and aims to increase the quality and relevance of qualifications and skills. Two-thirds of its funding will provide grants for more than 4 million people to study, train, gain work experience or volunteer abroad in 2014-2020 (compared with 2.7 million in 2007-2013). The period abroad can range from a few days up to a year. In the UK, it is expected that nearly 250,000 people will undertake activities abroad with the programme. Erasmus+ aims to modernise education, training and youth work across Europe. It is open to education, training, youth and sport organisations across all sectors of Lifelong Learning, including schools education, further and higher education, adult education and the youth sector. Erasmus+ provides funding for organisations to offer opportunities to students, teachers, apprentices, volunteers, youth leaders and people working in grassroots’ sport. It will also provide funding for partnerships between organisations such as educational institutions, youth organisations, enterprises, local and regional authorities and NGOs, as well as support for reforms in Member States to modernise education and training and to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and employability.

The programme is managed in the UK by the Erasmus+ UK National Agency, which is a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK.

Further information from www.erasmusplus.org.uk

Twitter: @erasmusplusuk
Facebook: ukerasmusplus

For more information about the project name, please contact:
Colin Forsyth

Src: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/akyumen-makes-game-changing-partnership-204147449.html

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – January 13, 2016) – CES – Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen™), the dynamic manufacturer of the worlds only Projector Phones and Tablets announced its partnership with Inhalio® to produce the world’s first game controller with activated scent at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Inhalio’s first-to-market sensory technology will shift gaming experiences and designs, forever. This marks a new area for Inhalio, whose solutions are deployed in retail and are launching connected home and automotive solutions later this year.

“Our partnership with Akyumen will develop a first-to-market immersive, full sensory gaming experience.  Our Inhalio platform enables the next digital frontier; the Internet of Scent!” said Keith Kelsen, CEO of Inhalio.

Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen™), showcased its products at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, NV added the Inhalio partnership to its recent lists of achievements.

Our gaming devices will change the way everyone experiences entertainment, now that we are adding scent. Entertaining more senses will be a game changer; now playing Microsoft Windows Compatible Games using Akyumen’s Saberclaw wireless Bluetooth Game Controllers, will be unlike any other game experience!” said Aasim Saied, Chairman & CEO of Akyumen, at CES 2016.

Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen)

Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen) is a privately held US company and operates globally. Akyumen designs, develops, manufactures and delivers innovative electronic and mobile technology products to consumers worldwide. The company values the social responsibility of providing open access to tools and information to enhance the human experience globally. Akyumen is positioned to launch its devices in niche markets globally in 2016.



Inhalio is a privately held US company that operates globally from its headquarters in Silicon Valley. Inhalio’s patented process deploys scents in retail, home, automotive and gaming. Inhalio’s innovative solutions are known as “the internet of scent”. Inhalio is launching in select markets globally in 2016. http://www.inhalio.com

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