Akyumen’s Hawk smartphone packs a projector

Over the past decade there have been several attempts to cram video projectors into smartphones. All ultimately failed, but a Silicon Valley startup reckons it has the recipe right and is hoping for a warm response from consumers when its phone debuts later this year.

The Akyumen Hawk is a 5.5-inch Android handset that packs a low-profile projector into the upper half of the phone. The 35-lumen projector has enough power to display an image over a distance of about a meter in a normally lit room and at up to 100 inches in a more dimly lit room.

Akyumen says the secret to its phone is a proprietary projector that stays cool even after hours of use. And indeed, during a demonstration in Barcelona on Sunday, the phone was only slightly warm despite the projector being used for at least 20 minutes.

But keeping the phone cool and extending battery life assume they are the reasons that projector phones haven’t been popular in the past.

At first glance, it might seem like an attractive feature, but the projectors add some weight, bulk and cost to the handset. On a prototype of the Hawk smartphone, the area around the projector protruded by a few millimeters while the weight was roughly that of a modern smartphone.

The internal battery will provide 2.5 hours of projection time and an add-on power pack in a base station brings another 5 hours of use.

170226 akyumen phone 1 Magdalena Petrova
The Akyumen Hawk smartphone with built-in projector is demonstrated in Barcelona on February 26, 2017.

Perhaps where consumers will feel the difference is in the price. The phone will cost US$750 when it becomes available in the third quarter of 2017, although pre-orders are currently being accepted on the Akyumen website for shipping on March 31 for between $799 and $999. That prices the phone in line with top-of-the-line handsets from leading vendors such as Apple and Samsung.

Projector phones have been tried before. Samsung launched its Beam in Singapore in 2010 and relaunched it two years later. Both times, it didn’t make much of an impact on the market. There was also a projector inside Sharp’s Robohon, a robot-smartphone mash-up that went on sale in Japan last year, and other companies have produced tiny add-on projectors or projector cases for phones.

But none have been successful. Perhaps because, while it’s a neat idea, there just isn’t the constant need to project your phone screen to make it worth the extra bulk and cost. Or maybe Akyumen is correct and heat and short battery life have been stopping the technology from growing.

Akyumen’s plans are big. In addition to the phone and a companion tablet, the company is also funding the launch of a new online video service that will include movies and original content and will come bundled on the phone.

The company says it plans to sell the device in all major worldwide markets.


The Holofone Phablet Packs Everything, Including A Projector

Despite the goofy moniker of “Holofone phablet,” this latest entry into the world of Smartphones may be what resonates the most with tech-savvy users.

Developed by Akyumen, the Holofone easily achieves “Phablet” status with its 7-inch screen. Specs like a 13MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing camera, and 128GB of on-board storage would be more than enough to sell it to the tech guru looking for this year’s next big toy. However, the features don’t stop there. Two distinct aspects of the Holofone set it noticeably apart from its iOS and Android counterparts and may be enough to make Akyumen a strong force in a field driven by Apple, Samsung, and LG.

First of all, users have the option of an Android operating system OR a fully-functional Windows 10 OS. This is not the forked version of Windows that Microsoft’s line of Windows phones currently enjoys, but rather a PC version of the operating system. For obvious reasons, Apple’s OS is not included as an option.

What’s more, the Holofone lives up to its name by sporting a built-in 45-lumen projector that is supposedly capable of projecting onto a 100-inch screen! The power of true casting can now be achieved without Google Cast, Apple TV, or similar technologies that would be absent without the additional hardware.

Since it was announced, interest in the Holofone has exploded. According to an article in The Verge, pre-sales of the device for its September 1 launch date have already been filled. This is rather impressive, given that the Holofone retails for anywhere from $750-900.


Smartphone season is rapidly upon us, with the new versions of Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Apple’s iPhone rumored to be just around the corner. Unfortunately for those two companies, Akyumen (Pronounced like “acumen,” probably) has just announced that its Holofone Phablet, which I assume is going to be the only phone anyone will ever need to buy ever again, will be available September 1st.

Measuring in with a whopping 7-inch display, the Holofone literally dwarfs the any of its smartphone competitors (it’s still considered a phone) and then completely destroys any screen size comparisons by also having a 45-lumen projector that Akyumen claims can project up to a 100-inch screen.

Runs full Windows 10 for PCs

Software-wise, users won’t have to make compromises either, with a choice between the year-old Android Marshmallow and Windows 10. Not Windows 10 Mobile or Continuum, but full Windows 10 for PCs. Is the Holofone is a Windows 10 PC in a tablet form factor that can also run Android? An Android phablet with a useful Windows PC feature? In this brave new world, anything is possible.


The Holofone phablet is available for preorder from Akyumen’s website, starting at $750 for the basic bundle, or up to $950 for a set that includes a host of accessories including a Bluetooth speaker, game controller, and battery stand.

At the time of publication, all preorders for the September 1st date have been filled. Hopefully, though, they’ll reopen soon, so that I can throw out all my other electronic devices and replace them with a Holofone.

Enterprise 21 July 2016

Madrid, San Francisco, July 21st 2016Telefonica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market, has signed a global multi-year agreement with Akyumen Technologies Corp, based in Los Gatos, CA, that builds communication devices with a content platform that brings futuristic IoT and m2m solutions to consumers and businesses worldwide.

Telefonica is providing Akyumen with its renowned IoT services and solutions, including Telefonica’s Global SIM service, a single platform for the provisioning and management of all global SIMs. Smart m2m connectivity services provided by the Telefonica Global SIM, guarantees that roaming works seamlessly with IoT sensors and devices, regardless of the location, around the globe and secures the data channel allowing for safe encrypted connections.

Akyumen’s global business plan is based on a single management platform, performing all the centralized provisioning, along with SIM lifecycle management functions. Combined with flexible, granular rate plans and local market knowledge, Telefonica perfectly suited all these requests. Furthermore, the digital telco, which counts with global and local leadership in the IoT, will offer a Global Service Management solution using a single point of contact. Additionally, Telefonica will support the communications model that best fit the services needs within different networks around the world.

“I have seen first-hand the innovative and useful technology that Akyumen brings to market starting with the futuristic phones (with a built-in projector) and tablets. This is the kind of innovation that Telefonica is focused on providing its customers worldwide. Akyumen’s products will utilize Telefonica’s IoT services including Global SIM service” said Daniel Jimenez, American Corporates & Multinationals Director of Telefonica Business Solutions.

“Telefonica is the most diverse and innovative international telecom carrier which provides Akyumen access to its customers worldwide to use Akyumen’s futuristic mobile devices with built-in projector technology combined with its application platform that enable the next digital frontier” said Aasim Saied, CEO of Akyumen.

A leading provider of futuristic mobile and communications devices, Akyumen unveiled its Falcon Projector Tablet and Holofone Projector Phablet that run on Windows 10 Operating System and Akyumen Hawk Projector Phone that runs on Android earlier this year at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, CeBIT 2016 in Hannover, MWC 2016 in Barcelona and Shanghai, which is an ideal IoT gateway. The application of the Akyumen devices is not only for entertainment and business users, but also will extend to the future healthcare and environmental platforms using m2m technologies on a worldwide basis. The Akyumen devices can also be used in a broader platform for collaboration, education, and futuristic gaming using sensors.

“Telefonica Business Solutions will help bring the future of m2m technologies in environmental, health, medical, and entertainment to customers worldwide” said Mike Ghodoosian, Akyumen SVP of Carrier Relations.

For full details and contact information, please download press release as a PDF.

As the innovative mobile phone projectors and projector tablets from Akyumen hit the market, the company has launched a new website to highlight its global commitment, collaborations with educational organizations, and product line. The website is fully functional and complete with information necessary to learn about the company and the technology behind its state of the art mobile projector devices.


Founder, Aasim Saied’s incredible knowledge of the tech industry merges product knowledge with insight into what is currently lacking in the market. This creates the perfect technology storm and allows Akyumen to develop and release handheld media devices that go far beyond what is currently available. The Akyumen Hawk and Akyumen Falcon, phone and tablet, respectively, are packed with high quality features including processing power and an advanced camera system and allow the user to project images from the device, simulating a 100 inch screen size.


Learn all about these exciting products and others in the Akyumen line by visiting their website at https://www.akyumen.com.



Src: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/akyumen-makes-brilliant-appearance-ces-180205994.html

LOS GATOS, CA–(Marketwired – January 12, 2016) – Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen™) showcased the first Windows 10 Version of the Akyumen Falcon Convertible Projector Tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV last week. Akyumen provided select CES attendees with a sneak peek of the future Akyumen Hawk Projector Smartphone at the show. Akyumen has completed a successful test launch of its devices in 2015 and has successfully signed contracts globally with key carriers and distributors to launch their devices in the 2nd Quarter of 2016.

Akyumen’s device roadmap for 2016 includes:

Akyumen Falcon EDU – Education Version: The world’s thinnest Projector Convertible Tablet with powerful specifications and it is the World’s first Convertible Projector Tablet with Windows 10 OS built with recommendations from Microsoft. The Akyumen Falcon EDU is powered by an Intel Quad Core Processor, 4 GB RAM, 200 GB of onboard storage with a embedded 40+ lumen projector featuring Akyumen’s heat transfer and dissipation technology.

Akyumen Falcon M – Mobile Entertainment Version: The world’s thinnest Convertible Projector Tablet with powerful specifications and it is the World’s first Convertible Projector Tablet that can switch between Windows 10 OS and Android OS platforms simultaneously. The Akyumen Falcon M is powered by an Intel Quad Core Processor, 4 GB RAM, 300 GB of onboard storage with a embedded 45+ lumen projector featuring Akyumen’s heat transfer and dissipation technology.

Akyumen Hawk Prime – The world’s thinnest Projector Phone with powerful specifications and runs on Android OS featuring key applications including Saber Chat (Secure Highly Encrypted Chat Application), Wowio (E-Book Application), UltraFlix (4K Movie Content Application). The Akyumen Hawk Prime is powered by an OCTA Core Processor (8 Cores), 4 GB RAM, 300 GB of onboard storage with a embedded 45+ lumen 2K screen resolution projector featuring Akyumen’s heat transfer and dissipation technology.

Akyumen Hawk Dimension – The world’s thinnest Projector Phone with powerful specifications and runs on Android OS featuring key applications including Saber Chat (Secure Highly Encrypted Chat Application), Wowio (E-Book Application), UltraFlix (4K Movie Content Application). The Akyumen Hawk Dimension is powered by a DECA Core Processor (10 Cores), 8 GB RAM, 300 GB of onboard storage with a embedded 45+ Lumen 4K Screen resolution projector featuring Akyumen’s heat transfer and dissipation technology.

Aasim Saied, Chairman & CEO of Akyumen, as well as inventor of the Projector Phone and Convertible Projector Tablet stated at CES 2016 “The Projector mobile device has come a long way since the original conception in 2004 after acquiring the domain name (www.projectorphone.com).”

Mr. Saied’s creation of the Logic Bolt Projector Phone made its debut at CES 2009 and was showcased on CNN garnering international media attention. At that time the projector technologies had many hurdles to overcome while would-be competitors prematurely launched inferior and incomplete imitations of Mr. Saied’s creations. The aforementioned companies couldn’t replicate the quality of Akyumen’s ingenuity and technological advancements in projector phone and Convertible Projector Tablet technologies. Mr. Saied has made enormous strides in perfecting the Akyumen Hawk Projector Phone™ and the Akyumen Falcon Convertible Projector Tablet. Mr. Saied’s in-depth knowledge of the electronics industry and keen sensitivity to what consumers want and need continues to give him the lead in eliminating the shortcomings of today’s smart mobile devices.

Akyumen will also be showcasing its Akyumen Falcon EDU devices at Microsoft Global Education Partner Summit in Redmond, WA in February 2016 featuring their educational platform and content.

Akyumen will be launching SaberChat in March 2016, which is a secure chat system with unique features to protect the end user’s privacy.

The Akyumen Hawk Projector Phone™ and Akyumen Falcon Convertible Projector Tablet™ will be game changers for mobile entertainment, business presentations, educating students and training teachers, medical, and military applications. Akyumen provides an accessories suite included with every device to deliver a full experience to consumers for variety of uses,” said Aasim Saied (Founder, Chairman & CEO of Akyumen) at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.

Mr. Saied explains: “Akyumen is a firm believer in promoting education and will subsidize the price of its devices for educational use to help solve the lack of common educational hurdles of funding and access to affordable quality technology.”

The Akyumen Hawk Projector Smartphones and The Akyumen Falcon Convertible Projector Tablets are portable, lightweight, and easy to use making them ideal for today’s mobile users who can now have any size screenplay anywhere. “Consumers can move away from watching traditional fixed TV with the introduction of a more versatile alternative. Our devices will change the way we entertain, do business, and educate,” says Aasim Saied.

Akyumen Technologies Corp (Akyumen)

Akyumen Technologies Corp is a privately held US company and operates globally. Akyumen designs, develops, manufactures and delivers innovative electronic and mobile technology products to consumers worldwide. The company values the social responsibility of providing open access to tools and information to enhance the human experience globally. Akyumen is positioned to launch its devices in niche markets globally in 2016.